8 comments on “Mecromage Status: Jan ‘15

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  3. I got a lot of questions in general really. Most important though is how are you planning to release the game? Free or paid? steam or standalone install? that kind of thing. Also are you using a custom engine or something like unity, gamemaker, construct etc. I like the technical stuff I guess. What language are you writing this in?

    • Thanks for the questions. The current release plan is Steam and/or other similar marketplaces. It will be a one time purchase for the game, with a possibility of expansion content (though that’s not the current plan). It will definitely not be “free to play.” Our engine is custom, developed by goat. The game and engine code are in C++ and our tools are C#.

      • Awesome I been playing a bunch of early access indie stuff on steam lately it’s great. Thanks for filling me in.

      • You’re welcome. Thanks for checking things out.

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